Can you get rich running a spa in The Sims 4?


Het nieuwste snel rijk-schema van Stanley Humphrey: nagellak. NIEUWE MERCH NU UIT! Dagelijkse Twitch-streams! Vind me ergens anders! ★ Twitter: ★ Instagram: ★ Twitch-streams: ★ Stream heruploads: https:// ★ Sims Galerij: lilsimsie Deze video is gezinsvriendelijk, maar De Sims 4 heeft de classificatie T voor tieners en deze video is bedoeld voor een publiek van 13 jaar en ouder. Zakelijke vragen:


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47 gedachten over “Can you get rich running a spa in The Sims 4?”

  1. Being a writer is a good way to get rich. Things you'll need a computer and a mail box. Tip screenplays earn you a lot of royalities I think that's writing level 6. You'll earn more by selling to a publisher and one book to the literary digest.

  2. A note about using it as a carrier: you can. Just complete the things that are required to do at the spa before you have kids. Then you can build a home spa, and host yoga classes or massages. You can promote your services to get clients. Just add any sim to your group, tell them to 'go here together' close to the massage table, choose 'tend table', and then you can get quite a few done. Same with yoga classes, if that is what you want to do. 🙂

  3. So I tried this challenge using your lot and two poor sims Zoe Patel and Mitchell Kalani froze to death using your outdoor yoga mats. It was fall too!

  4. If you want to work at the spa, all you need to do is delete the object(s) at the spa and buy your own(at home), and place them from your inventory into the spa. That way the game marks the objects as yours and not for NPCs.

  5. I think the worst glitch I've had happen, is when the walls get stuck and you do everything to fix and you have to restart the game….. and also l wish they would have put a door like the pretty glass door archway that stays open from industrial Kit thingy. I wish they made a functioning door In that style.

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