Clearlight Sauna – Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Sale On Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas- In Stock Models


Veel Clearlight saunamodellen zijn op voorraad met een levertijd van 2 weken. Ik weet dat velen van jullie hierop hebben gewacht. 1-800-317-5070 extension 300 voor Jen Ik weet niet zeker wat mijn couponcode met de prijs doet, vertel ze gewoon dat ik je heb gestuurd en kijk of het model dat je zoekt op voorraad is met snelle levering. Jen Heal met warmte – Clearlight-sauna’s 800.317.5070 x300


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35 gedachten over “Clearlight Sauna – Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Sale On Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas- In Stock Models”

  1. Mister Matt Justice, what is the best wood for an infrared sauna? What is the least toxic and safest? I'm fighting off a disease, someone probably very sensitive. Thank you

  2. Have you tested any of the saunas that you lay in and your head sticks out? They almost look like a mri tube ? I’ve seen some studies how having your head out is beneficial, but I don’t see emf testing done on them

  3. I bought an outdoor sauna. It was 43° outside today and it would only get to 135°. We get down to the single didgets in the winter. I'm worried that this isn't going to get hot enough. Any thoughts, tips, etc? 🙏

  4. thank you for your videos, great information. I cant understand why buying sauna and getting correct info has been so difficult, I thought cedar was better wood, now I seeing basswood or helmock better due skin issues. this correct info? carbon way to go? Far better then Near, Near full spectrum is nonsense and cost more (not happy with clearight salespeople on this sales gimick) and near understand could cause aging? far is my choice at this point, Next question heard dont want heaters above your shoulders, no point and not necessary to heat your head??? my preference not too. Annoyed disgusted with clearlight, was my choice they charging 7,000 for premium IS 2, highway robbery NOT happening. leaning towards the radiant health.

  5. Super stressed! Just bought a far infra red sauna concerned about emf, we weren’t aware of the negative aspects! $3500 later! Suggestions advice?

  6. I don't fully understand your EMF concern. Can you send me any studies about non-ionized infared rays, particularly the far IR-c rays that have shown a risk? From what I see there have been studies and they don't show risks of cancer. So, what is your concern and please send us some evidence.

  7. Hi Matt, was wondering if you would use the sauna any differently for someone trying to detox from the covid vax? Plus they also have cancer. Would you use the same binders you recommended in previous videos? Entereserogel etc..

  8. Hi Matt, I bought a Trifield TF-2 meter based on one of your videos to test some of the Infrared saunas that are available in Australia. I had a strange result: The EMF and ELF readings for this sauna were low but when I tested the RF levels they were literally off the charts. The readings were high near the panels, the control panel and even all over the ceiling. Strangely they remained high even when I turned the Sauna off and only lowered when I unplugged the sauna at the wall. Have you ever experienced something like this?

  9. Have you looked into the Spiritual Quest sauna? They also have an EMF shield "add on" you can get for the sauna. Wondering about the legitimacy of their products.

  10. Hi, could u please make a recommendation? I'm in the market for a dry sauna (either harvia 6kw, prefer 8kw option) not sure which sauna I should order to House it. I wouldn't mind mounting it in a infrared sauna just to have both options but not sure if thats feasible. I'm large 6 4" 250 so 3 person ideal for me & wife & or son. Thanks in advance! Looking to purchase this week. Will be located in garage (Atlanta climate range).

  11. Matt, Thank You for your professional, educational, and informative videos. They are top notch compared to others. I was wondering… in your reviews of the many saunas on the market, have you looked at the HEAT WAVE BRAND? and what are your thoughts,

  12. Hey Matt, I was wondering what is the coldest ambient temperature an RH sauna can be in the still get to an acceptable sweat-producing temp?

    I’m in the Phoenix area and was planning on putting it on our covered patio. With the outside temp in the 40s would it still work?

  13. I went back and forth between the Radiant Health and the Clear light and bought the Radiant Health 2 person a few weeks ago. I will wait the 6 months most things are back order. One thing I didn’t realize is my credit card company charge me a foreign transaction fee. Not all credit card company charge this fee so everyone may want to check before a purchase

  14. Hey Matt. Our 22 y-o son needs detox. We’ve just decided to wait the 6 months for a RH. In the meantime, we’ve found a used Clearlight that we may get in the interim to get started. It was purchased new in 2014, same profile as Essential 2-person, prior to Jacuzzi branding. Seems to function fine. Are you familiar with any of the older models, prior to your sauna use? Any thoughts?

  15. Just wanted to ask you, since you researched a lot probably. What kind of eye protection one has to use for the near infrared sauna that is home made (big red heat bulbs)? Thank you.

  16. This just goes to show how much more people like radiant Health. They would rather wait 6 months for a sauna. Really upsetting that the wait is 6 months. I’m terribly ill with Lyme disease and just now learning about infra red saunas. Now I know something that will help me and I have to wait 6 months. It’s downright ridiculous. They are losing a lot of business. But on the same token, many people are willing to wait because the quality is there. Unfortunate that Clearlight won’t honor both coupons.

  17. I ordered the Radiant Health 2-person last week, 6 mo. delivery. It's approx the same size and cost as Clearlight 1-person Premiere. I like the zero VOC, heated seat, taller heaters of Radiant Health. I like the Clearlight ergo-seat and fast delivery and current discount. Oh well, didn't want to suffer from analysis paralysis so I ordered the RH.

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