Delayed Start Sauna – Built In Sauna Timer To Turn Your Sauna On Automatically At A Specified Time


Op zoek naar een uitgestelde start sauna met ingebouwde timer? Alle nieuwe modellen worden geleverd met deze standaard… geen smartphone-app vereist, geen rf-straling toegevoegd, geen wifi in de sauna, het is allemaal ingebouwd in het bedieningspaneel en is het gemakkelijkst te gebruiken op de markt. Ga naar voor meer


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4 gedachten over “Delayed Start Sauna – Built In Sauna Timer To Turn Your Sauna On Automatically At A Specified Time”

  1. I’ve got an older version radiant health.. any idea how to create delayed start without the button on your model? Maybe install the control panel from this model?

  2. Just got my 2.5 Radiant Health Corner sauna. Absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much Matt, for all your time, money, and passion! I, too, had amalgams removed and have suffered the consequences. Today I took my dog for a walk and I was able to go further than I have in several years! Praise God and a big thank you to you for sharing all your knowledge!! A year ago I was ready to pull the trigger on a Costco or Amazon sauna. You saved me from buyers remorse and most likely feeling crappier! I had to wait longer to get it because it cost 2x more- but it’s so worth it! Shannon and Randy are wonderful and they happily applied the Matt Justice discount! Again, thank you!

    Question: is it safe to get the 10 ft usb to connect the stereo (Alpine stereo is so freaking nice!!!) to your phone for your own playlist? Evidently you can plug it and pull it thru the roof to the outside but I don’t want to if that will still have the negative WiFi crap. It would just be nice. Thank you again!!

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