JNH Sauna Build Quality (or lack thereof??) JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Review – Ensi


Dit is de sauna: https://amzn.to/2T2Ngx1 Dit is de JNH Lifestyles Ensi-sauna die ik bij Amazon heb gekocht. Het zou niet alleen een lage emf zijn, maar ik verwachtte dat het op zijn minst een behoorlijke kwaliteit zou zijn, omdat het twee keer zoveel is als ik betaalde voor de Dynamic Barcelona van Costco. Nee.


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4 gedachten over “JNH Sauna Build Quality (or lack thereof??) JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Review – Ensi”

  1. While I can see from multiple reviews on JMH Saunas that the build quality is not good, I don't ever really see how the saunas actually work? I know the EMF levels are not zero, but what are they? I am in the market for a sauna but am on a strict budget including shipping costs. Would you rather have no sauna than one from JNH? If I go in with low build expectations will I still be disappointed?

  2. This sauna has MUCH higher EMF levels than they advertise. I have one sitting in my basement that's collecting dust as i'm not comfortable using it with these high levels. JNH has been unhelpful in resolving my dispute. Buyer Beware…

  3. Yes I agree it is low quality of build but a few things you were a little picky on;
    – Dirty panels from shipping, this is seriously not their issue. I own a manufacturing company and we clean everything before shipment is packaged and still, it gets dirty.
    – Cost vs. Reality. For this price it is pretty good and even contains glass. Manufacturing is expensive and they obviously use a low end wood which will most likely warp after 3 years. Your expectations are too high, some lumber would cost $1800 alone for 350lbs.

    I am considering this business venture, as my company builds Isolation rooms and they are tanks. I would have it priced around $3,800 shipped but it would last 20 years like our booths do.

    Hope you are at least enjoying the health benefits!

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