Kit Harington Has Checked Into a Wellness Center


ET kan bevestigen dat de 32-jarige acteur zichzelf heeft ingecheckt in een wellnessretraite voor de finale van de serie ‘Game of Thrones’. Exclusief van #ETonline :


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30 gedachten over “Kit Harington Has Checked Into a Wellness Center”

  1. Being sincere, if I was an actor and sought after, I would honest to God be somewhat picky with roles. No extended contracts, so I'll do 2 or 3 movies, and take off a whole year and do little to just work out or video game and spend time with my family.

    Assuming that's possible – I don't know how Hollywood works, so who knows.

  2. Kit should be left alone and I am surprised at ET for telling the public about the mans life.Great guy and should be left alone. You do not need to bring everyone down that turns people of and certainly not good for ratings.

  3. One day he was just another young unemployed actor … then he became the main actor of a worldwide phenomenon … thrown into the spotlight and hounded day and night. I'd want some R&R too !! But in Connecticut? I'd prefer Khatmandu or Bali or Maldives.

  4. Not sure what’s worse: this being news or the asshats in the comments making jokes (or worse serious accusations) blaming D&D and how the series ended.
    Y’all are literally part of the problem.

  5. Good, don’t treat seeking mental health help as a weakness or something to be ashamed of. This is very very positive especially for men’s mental health, maybe if they see someone they idolise doing this they will realize they can too!

  6. Anyone who has finished working thru a long-term job contract experiences separation anxiety after ages of social dissociation with life before or outside it. It's not a mental illness, but it has a psycho impact on human well-being. Privacy and healing is the best Rx therapy…

  7. There is no shame in taking care of one's mental health, only shame in someone trying to make news out of it. Good for you, Kit. I wish you good health and a successful, happy future.

  8. Everyone all upset that they're talking about it but it's not like he's in there for heroine use, he's exhausted and has been abusing alcohol due to stress, I'm just glad he's finally able to take time to get better. It's not shameful that he's getting himself help. If I could afford to, I'd go on a wellness retreat too.

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