Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen Puchong Jaya – Health food restaurant in Shah Alam, Malaysia


39, Jalan Layang – Layang 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

5c. 1 year ago

Those lemongrass smell and excellent sauna mushroom noodles. If I needed a quick fix. I do a quick drive here. Ample place to park and really nice coffee. Occasionally I drop by for breakfast too. Stay for the fruit tea too.

5Annie C. 1 year ago

Have breakfast here with friends during cmco.
Good environment. Nice place for gathering and meet up.
Food reasonable price and taste good.

5s. 1 year ago

Sauna Mee (noodle) by @mamakimmalaysia #malaysia
This is the signature stone pot Sauna noodle on stone pot by Mama Kim Sauna. They serve their food with 9 principles that it advocates, namely the balance of five colours, fresh ingredients, balanced nutrition, artificial flavouring-free, no white rice, no white sugar, no white flour, minimal oil and salt. Wellness is their forte.
This sauna noodle comes with sweet potato noodles, veggies, slices of fish meat 🐟, mushroom 🍄 , corn 🌽 , carrot 🥕 , fish broth and everything hearty ❤️..
Great for anytime , superb for cold 🥶 weather !! Missing it real bad …..
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5Vincent L. 2 months ago

Healthy and Delicious food. I tried the signature dish sauna mee, and it’s yummy Price wise is okay. Ample parking space when we visited. Fortunately, we went before the lunch crowd so could secure a table.

5Jie Liang T. 2 years ago

Came here for lunch and they are quite pack as usual, the parking here is sufficient and easy to find. The portion of their food is big and generous with vegetables, you can taste quality at every bite and their price is very reasonable too. Quite a few table ordered their fruit tea which I understand why, the fragrance is strong and refreshing and they provide you real fruit. Overall a very satisfying meal, will definitely come back to try other dishes.

5May Y. 5 months ago

Here again for their signature sauna mee. Today we tried the kimchi broth, taste is mild and kimchi is a bit sweet. Perhaps better to just go for the normal plain broth. Portion is good and I like that you can add more soup if you want.
The ice coffee is good. Refreshing on a hot day. The fruit is recommended too, good for sharing and it is sweet and refreshing as well. So far ample of parking for brunch/lunch on weekends.

5Angie L. 3 months ago

Love this! This place serves great “heart-warming” noodles with soup which can be topped up when it’s dried up in the stone pot. I picked the pumpkin noodles and fish soup option which I think tastes really great. This place is rather “isolated” from the Puchong crowd, which makes it difficult to locate but easier to find car parking (which is definitely a plus point!).
Would say it’s worth a try.

5KK L. 9 months ago

Sauna mee is always my favorite, pair it with their in house chili and it is a perfect match

5Kenkeh H. 8 months ago

Came here with my family for cny 1st day dinner .It’s Healthy ,service was was and I like the soup from the sauna mee , can refill the soup

5Chee Yin H. 10 months ago

First time, the order process is simple with just scan QR and make order. The food served immediately after the order is placed. Nice taste and looks healthy. The soup is delicious until cannot stop sipping it.

4How Fu K. 1 month ago

Environment is well lit and a huge dining area so you will not feel cramped eating here. Definitely a family friendly place. I came here with friends and we all ordered their signature sauna mee. One thing to take note is if you order no noodles or rice they will give u extra vegetables and fried tofu skin to include in your soup. Food is taste is good but definitely not the “best”. Their tea is delicious with a lot of flavor but is quite sweet so might no be as healthy as they claim.

4Ww C. 10 months ago

Their sauna mee is the best meal in their menu, very mouth-watering. Also recommend their fruit tea, nice and sweet😌 but other food is just so-so.
Overall experience is great~

4Steven O. 9 months ago

A very big and spacious restaurant serving healthy food, sauna mee being its signature dish. Prices are very reasonable, service is quick and the steam rice i had was not too bad. Will try their sauna mee next time.

4Serene S. 1 year ago

Enjoyed the sauna mee served in hot stone bowl and the flower & fruit tea.

4YJINN Wong (Ah Buiii B. 2 years ago

New menu at Mamakim! Introducing their new menu, curry pandan nasi lemak, minced chicken with fresh vege mixed, soya milk with banana etc etc. Check out yourself at all mamakim outlet and try out their new dishes on the menu! First try on their minced chicken with fresh vege mixed – tricolour noodles. Portion is big for medium eater. Taste good with their signature chilli!

3William N. 11 months ago

Basically clear soup noodles in a hot stone bowl with vegetables, mushroom, and meat options. I would draw parallels with a noodle soup bibimbap or claypot noodles. Choose from either clear or tomyum soup. There’s a variety of noodles to choose from, e.g. pumpkin noodles, tri-colour noodles. The interier is spacious and comfortable. Notably, they provide hot water to disinfect your cutlery.

3Medi T. 1 year ago

This branch opens at 10am today (Saturday). Dine in here with family for breakfast. Dine-in is allowed, with two people per table. Children allowed. To order food, scan a barcode which is found on the cutlery holder.
Menu option are limited for breakfast.
Rice series such as fried rice, baked cheese rice are not available in the morning. Perhaps available after 11am.
Attaching a photo difference between pumpkin noodle and mushroom noodle. (Yellow flat ones are pumpkin noodle, rounded white ones are mushroom noodle).

3maggie w. 4 months ago

The lack of 2 stars is actually on the food. Cos the soup is too salty, then the mushroom salad is too sweet. The fruit tea drink also too sweet. Lol. Otherwise it a nice restaurant. Friendly staff and easy to get parking at dinner time.

3Quah Ewe T. 2 years ago

Tried the signature mama noodles.. Portion is big for 1 person. Not much ingredients though. Tried the signature coffee. Quite kaw or strong. I like it. Nice ambience at the light industrial area. Easy to park the car.

3Laura C. 3 months ago

Nice environment and plenty parking space at the roadside. Ordered vegetable mushroom cheese rice but the rice is too dry and the taste is “plain”. The kimchi fish hotpot – taste pumpkin soup, not bad; just that the name “kimchi” given me a wrong impression that I thought is korean kimchi soup.

3Janice T. 1 year ago

Decided to post here as they chose to ignore my friend on Facebook.
The cashier didn’t wear the mask properly for quite a long time. My friend has decided to private message them on FB, with the hope that they can rectify the behaviour. End up? Ignorance & no reply after reading the message.
Those who are planning to go, you may need to be more diligent and take own precautions.

1kw y. 9 months ago

You seriously don’t know how much sugar is in this drink?yet you claimed yourself “healthy” food?
Why not you disclose how much GI is in this drink, and if this really satisfied the health level of GI, then you continue to list yourself as health food! Otherwise, remove it or withdrawal your signboard.



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