Mobile Sauna — built into cargo trailer.


A sauna that you can take anywhere…almost. To add to the toy list of unessential-essentials… I couldn’t live without it. Maybe you don’t know just how good ‘sauna’–(sow-na) can be.
Tow it to your cabin, take it to your friends place, take it on a road trip, park it… Be responsible with it.
6×12 cargo trailer, 4′ of extra storage with door at front. Clear cedar inside. Purpose built wood burning sauna stove from Finland by ‘Harvia’ (even the stones ship from a Finnish quarry for the best steam, aka ‘löyly’–(low-lou). Interior sauna diameter is approx. 7x6x6. Comes with bucket, ladle, fire extinguisher, floor mats, locks, coupler lock, etc. Ready to entertain.
Visit for more photos.
Please consider it… Share with your friends. …Or consider it, pool money with your friends, buy it, and then share it with your friends! Whether you wear your birthday suit, or you take the more modest North-American approach and use clothing, no one needs to know.
*For all intents and purposes, its an experimental hobby. The sauna is REAL. **May induce copious amounts of perspiration, deep seated feelings of relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. ***Built in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.


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  1. I was planning to build my next sauna in my trailer and came across your video. Wonderful execution. Can you help me with some information? I would like to know about insulation. Did you use extra insulation on the walls and ceiling? Did you use heat reflector (foil sheets)? I built 2 saunas in the past in my basement and friend's garage, so I have some experience. Is there a difference in construction between a framed sauna and a trailer? Thank you.

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