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Hello Health Enthusiasts! We are your go-to source for wellness and detox products.

We have deep discounts on juicers, infrared saunas, steam generators, hyperbaric chambers and oxygen concentrators, pemf mats, rebounders, and vibration plates, plus more! Give us a call and let us know what you need! We also distribute cold plunges, Pemf machines (mostly Bemer Pro returns), hot tubs, towel warmers, eiderdown pillows, cryosaunas, steam generators, and more.

Take a look at our products below to see if anything catches your eye. Call us at 1-800-674-5455 for prices on new and used equipment.

In health,
Father | Naturalist | Entrepreneur

• Bemer Pro (PEMF mat + accessories): Call 1-800-674-5455 for availability and pricing on any pemf mats we carry.
• Biobalance Mat – Centropix (the latest Pemf brand) – call for pricing
• Vasindux Pro – call for pricing
• OMI mats – used returns only – Vemi Pemf – Sentient Light
• QRS 101.5 and 101.6 – call for prices – Ask about our used QRS 101.5 machines at 50% off. All less than 6 months old.
• Bemer Pro – call for discounts on used Bemers – we discount Bemer pro returns. We get returns all the time.
• Bemer Go: We carry used Bemer Go’s (no mat)– call for price – We are getting many returns on these.
• Ampcoil 3.0 – call for prices on discount returns. We heavily discount Ampcoil returns we get.
• Haelo pemf coil (we have Sentient Light too)
• Magnawave and Pulse Centers – call for prices on discount returns.
Call 1-800-674-5455 for our lowest prices on Pemf machines.

Cold Plunges – Renu Therapy – Bluecube – The cold plunge – Morozko – Edge Theory Labs Tub
We can get any of these brands – call for prices on cold plunge ice bath tubs – Our prices are much cheaper than retail.
Call 1-800-674-5455 for discounts.

We have access to used Oxyhealth Vitaeris hbot chambers. Call for current stock. We only carry new Oxynova, Summit to Sea and Newtowne hyperbaric chambers. Our site is

We sell the following:
• Clearlight Saunas (Jacuzzi Sauna) – Call for pricing
• Vital saunas – • Sunlighten – We only carry used returned Sunlighten saunas – used ONLY.
• Therasauna • Healthmate – • Heavenly Heat –
• SaunaCore • Therasage tent – • Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna Tent • Radiant health saunas – call for prices
Traditional Rock saunas and Heaters – Aleko Saunacore and Almost Heaven
We also have outdoor and barrel saunas – call for discounts

• ThermaSol – many people buy the wrong size and we heavily discount Thermasol steam generator returns
• Mr. Steam – single tank, not dual like Thermasol. We discount all Mr. Steam Generators
• Elite Steam • Steamcore • SteamSPA – Kohler –
• Steamist – We discount returns on Steamist – Steam Spa
We have heavily discounted prices on returned ThermaSol and Mr. Steam steam room generators. Call 1-800-674-5455

REBOUNDERS – and are our review sites.
We carry:
• Bellicon • Needak –
• Cellerciser (see for the new V2 Cellerciser model) We only carry New Cellercisers.
• Reboundair • Lymphaciser • Jumpsport
• Health Circulator – Do a review on the Health Circulator get 50% off.

Richway Amethyst Biomats
We have lots of used Biomats – mostly from people who switched to Pemf mats – We have loaner Pemf mats also. Far infrared mats must be followed up or lipolysis and lymphatic drainage.
We always have a supply of returned mini and professional size biomat models. Our site

Eiderdown Pillows and Eider Down Duvets and bulk Iceland and Canadian eiderdown sealed packets
free samples to anyone interested – see We offer wholesale to decorators.
We have reviewed Cuddledown, Plumeria Bay, Iceland Down, Duxiana, Freette, Fine Linens. We offer machine done as well as 100% hand done eiderdown in bulk in sealed bags from Iceland. Call 1-800-674-5455

LIPO Lasers and LIPO LEDS – We also carry the Strawberry Laser, Zerona Laser, Contour Light, Trifecta and Lipomelt. – We heavily discount all of our lipo lasers and leds.
Call for used Trifecta and Contour Light lipo machines from clinics that went out of business.

• Celluma Pro – we carry returned Celluma Pro’s from aestheticians at a major price cut
• Lightstim – We carry new and used Lightstim 4 panels. Also we have the new Elipsa face panel.
• Lightwave – We have several Lightwave models left
• Omnilux – the strongest of all our LED panels for PMB
Silhouette Tone LG4 Galileo Soli-Lite Solilite system (we have new and used)
Led light beds – Trifecta Bed – Novathor (used) – Prism Light pod – lipo led beds (new) – call for discounted prices.

We have many Celluma Pro returns in stock. We now carry the latest model that has a 5 minute treatment time. We have replaced Celluma Pro with a better model. We do not promote Celluma anymore since newer models are out.
Call 1-800-674-5455 for availability and pricing or go to

Hot tubs
Jacuzzi Master Spa Arctic Spas Bullfrog Spas Sundance Hotsprings and more.
Take our hot tub quiz first to get a hot tub consultation on our site

• Super Angel Juicers
• Greenstar Juicer
• Pure Juicer – New only – call for prices (our best juicer)
• Norwalk Juicer – we love the Pure juicer over the Norwalk. Used only –

Towel Warmers – Myson Artos Warmly Yours Amba Wesaunard Sterlingham – call for our prices on returned models at deep discounts. See

AIR PURIFIERS – See our website
• IQ Air and AirPura – Rabbit Air
• Austin Air • Aller Air • Airport • Amaircare • BlueAir

Compression Machines – Normatec – Recovery Pump – Gameready – Revita Pump – Elevated Legs – Lymphapress

Float tanks
We promote Royal Spa, Superior Float tanks, I-Sopo and Wave float spas. See
We also have new float pods for sale.

• Airsep New Life Intensity 10 – many people use with their hyperbaric chamber and also EWOT bags we carry. These are 20 psi models. See for our EWOT site.
• Drive DeVilbiss 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator 1025DS
Call 1-800-674-5455 for availability and pricing or go to

Cryosaunas – Juka Cryosauna, Cryomed, CryoArtic, Cryo Innovations, Impact Cryo. Call for pricing and discounts.

Vibration plate machines… See Zaaz 20k Hypervibe Powerplate Vibeplate

Massage Chairs – We carry Dr. Fuji massage chair, Infinity, Osaki, and more. Call for our prices.

Raw California organic almonds – See (free samples)

CBD OIL Our site is – We offer wholesale to practitioners

We also wholesale Young Living and doTerra. See We also have a small amount of Lavender from France which comes out once a year.

Halo Therapy – We now distribute salt rooms and halo generators – We carry the SaltProX and pop up salt booths for $149. We carry the HaloGenerator Infinity and several other models.

Brain Products – We carry Braintap (we have free loaners), Bio Accoustic mats and chairs, and Brain Helmets.

Cookware – Hestan Culinary is our latest brand we promote. We have singles and the 10 piece set that we have a great discount on. We are also looking for someone to do reviews and resellers for Hestan pots and pans.
Become a distributor through us for Hestan and get a free 10 piece set.

Mattresses – Duxiana, Savior, Hastens Mattress, Vispring – We cannot advertise discounts. Please call.
Also we have Eiderdown pillows and duvets. We have Canadian and Iceland eider down. We sell by the ounce and have free samples of Iceland eiderdown. Much cheaper to buy eiderdown in sealed bags and fill your own pillow.

Chi Machines – Sun Ancon – we carry new and used

Other items we offer and for SuperHuman Protocol – Biohacking
Vielight Neuro – we have discounts for practitioners
Zontec ozone generator
Cryo T Elephant – Metrum – 60L – Cryoskin 4S
Therasage Tent Sauna 360 White and Therasage Tent Sauna 360 Full Spectrum – practitioner prices available
DKN Upright Exercise Bike and Recumbent bike RB3i
Power Plate Personal Vibration Plate
Suncon Chi Machine (we only carry new chi machines) Call for discounts
Bio Acoustic Relaxation Mat – call for prices on used mats
Nu Skin Nuskin Pharmanex Lifepak Nano – $100 each. I have 244 boxes left from a distributor that retired. 3 for 85 each.
Avacen Advanced Heat Therapy – Avacen 100 models only
AO Scan Mobile Phone Tablet ( we also have a few Zyto scanners left over)
AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer with SEFI (Innergy) Call for discount pricing
Dumbwaiters and Residential Elevators – If you need a dumbwaiter or elevator, we have several brands we can get.
Cold Plunges – Get on the list for an electric cold plunge machine. These are backordered and available shortly.
Phone Booths for offices – ZenBooth – Pillar Booth – ZoneZ – Framery Accoustics – privacy booths Call for prices – We also now carry Murphy beds
Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Tahiti NOT PNG – We have free samples for anyone that wants to try a bean. Jumbo size.
Pergolas – We now have dealerships with several Pergola companies – Call for brands and discounts.
Gas Patio Heaters – Call for brands and pricing
Electric Fire Places – Evonicfires
IonCleanse detox foot bath spas – we stock premier and solo models – call for pricing
Decompression Tables – traction tables – Chirpractic tables
We promote Armedica, KDT and COX
Lifewave x39 and x49 patches. This is our newest product. We have plenty of free samples to give out right now.
Water distillers and purifiers – Waterwise distiller – Mini Classic 2 – Duet Vitalizer
Waveguard Qi Home, Max Shield. Emf protection
Hydro-Qube QB5
Waring, Vitamix and Blendtec blenders – we have a new supplier that can get these brands and we mark all blenders up 10% over cost.
Sedona and Excalibur dehydrator – we have new and used dehydrators – Our new prices are heavily discounted – Go raw!
H2 Pro 600 Molecular Hydrogen Generator
Pearl M+ and HyperT Pro – Call for prices
HOCATT – we only can sell this if not already working with the manufacturer – call for prices
Lojer Manuthera 242 Treatment Table
Food dehydrators – we can get Excalibur and Tribest dehydrator brands – call for pricing – mention living foods
Bidet Toilets – we have a distributor we can get the Toto, Woodbridge, and Bio Bidets from
Ice maker machine – we get the Manitowoc , Kold Draft and Hoshizaki brand ice machines

New and mostly used:
Inbody 270 770 body composition analyzer – Call for discounts
Game Ready Ice machine – call for discounts
ChiliSleep ChiliPad sleep system – Call for discounts
Zimmer Cryo 6 cryotherapy system and Ultrasound stimulator – Call for discounts
Theragun elite pro percussion massager – Call for discounts
Nice1 iceless cold compression therapy – Call for discounts
Svago ZGR zero gravity recliner – Call for discounts. ChiroLux max table – Call for discounts
Sidmar Pro S10 hydromassage table mtps – Call for discounts
Inada Robo Massage chair – one used one for sale
Nubis Pro XL portable physiotherapy table – Call for discounts
Horse Saddle – Our customers who buy Magnawave give us wholesale on horse saddles – call if you want one.
Perigold ranges – If you need a range we can get this brand and several others – Bluestar – ILVE
Sugarcane Juicers – we have 2 sugar cane juicers for sale – local pickup for free
Tonal full body gym – We can get 42% off for those that want to help make video reviews
NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer
Whole house water filtration systems – we carry many brands of water filters for home and shower. We also carry Waterwise water distillers and Mini Classic 2
Front doors and Garage doors – we have access to a distributor that we can now get wholesale on Garage and front doors
(we are building a garage door review site – Get our cost if interested in running a garage door website.
BLUETTI and Generac electric generator – we are making a website reviewing electric generators now – contact Jake if you want to review these and run a website and become a dealer.

Dental Chairs – ADS A-dec – Flight – Forrest – Mirage – Call for used and new chair discounts

Turn Tables – we have a home audio distributor that is giving us wholesale. We now sell their used records and turn tables.
Night Vision Goggles – We have a dustributor that we get these from along with their underwater drones.
Jiu Jitsu Gi’s – We have patterned with several stores that offer us wholesale on their clothing lines and Gi brands.
Mowers – We have Husqvarna and several other brands we now offer at discounts – call for pricing
Power Wagons – Overland – Wesco and several other brands we now sell – call for power wagon pricing
Portable Air conditioners – I called the company on the air condition that was in my local pharmacy – it was easy as that.
I can get Koldwave, Kwikool and Global Industrial brands.
Excavator – One of our contractors sells commercial excavators. If are in the market for a commercial excavator, call us.

Call us at 1-800-674-5455 if you have any questions or prices inquiries. Ask for Alan and let us know if you found us from Craigslist! If I am not available one of my associates will take care of you.
We also offer a wide variety of recreation products below. All are drop shipped from the manufacturer and if used, it will be shipped from us or we will put you in touch with the person trying to sell it.

Electric Scooters
Boosted REV – most popular returned scooter
Nan Robot – we get the best deals on this one
Kaabo – we have a few used
Weped scooters – Fold, FS, Smax, F15 models – This is the only model we stock and don’t drop ship.
Rion Scooter – we have one of these right now for sale
50% of our business is returned and used scooters, especially high end scooters.

Underwater Drones – We have access to hobby shops we can get dealer cost on under water drones and high end drones.
We can also get almost any remote control car, airplane, helicopter, parts, batteries and more at wholesale.

Arcade machines – see – I will beat anyone at Streetfighter or Ms. Pacman. If you are in my area, get my dealer cost.

Pool Tables – Spencer Marston – Iron Smyth – Shelti Bayside – Pharaoh USA

Rectangle trampolines – See

Home theater and stereo
Devialet phantom gold B&W, Martin Logan McIntosh Sonos Paradigm, B&O
We work with several home theater stores and get close to dealer prices.

Electric Skateboards Boosted (new and used) Evolve (new and used) Kaly Board Custom electric skate boards (up to 60mph) is our site.

Electric Bikes – See our site

Air Hockey
Dynamo Shelti Dome Gold Standard

Ping Pong Tables – we can get table tennis equipment now
Butterfly Killerspin
We also carry Practice Robots for those that are interested.

Pizza Ovens
Ooni USA Alfa Tuscan Chef Lynx Bertello oven
We also carry returned pizza ovens when people upgrade or no longer need their ovens. Call for selection. We are also looking for someone to make pizza oven video reviews and will ship free portable pizza ovens to anyone we choose to make our video reviews for our pizza oven review site. Call us at 1-800-674-5455 for pricing or help comparing.

Poker Tables – new and used
BBO poker tables (our best selling brand) Pharaoh USA

Outdoor Grills – Traeger Webber
We have these 2 brands we are a distributor for. If you are local and want to sell your grill, send pictures. We can sell it to the person who wants your brand. We are also looking for someone who gets a grill to do a review on grass-fed meats for a meat review site we are making. Call if interested.

Kombucha dispensers – We carry Kegco dispensers.

Solar panels and electric generators – We have Generac and several other brands

Fish tanks – new aquariums – Aquadream brand. This is the brand we have chosen to promote. We put orders in for our fish tanks every 60 days to get the best volume pricing.

Foosball – Tornado Foosball tables Shelti Foosball tables

Tempurpedic pillows and mattresses – I can get any current model pillow and matresss at 60% off for those that are willing to do a review. Please call me for an interview for our new mattress review site. Also, when people return mattresses I can offer them at even deeper discounts (open box wholesale prices). Saatva Avocado Mattress Vispring – Naturpedic – Essential
Playground equipment – We offer splash pads, themed and custom playgrounds, climbers and more.

UV-C Disinfection Robots – We carry OhmiClean – UVD Robotics – R Zero Arc – Ohmi Labs – Xenox – Bluebotics.
We distribute and compare the different UVC robots. Please callme for advice on which one to choose.
Fair pricing on all UV-C Robots.

Disney trips and Cruises – We trade out with an travel agency and get cost on all types of travel. If someone is buying a health product from my site, I will give my cost on any trip. I. can’t believe the markup. Now I know why people can’t afford to go on trips.

Drums, Percussions, guitars, monitors, Shure microphones, mixing boards, cables from our pro audio distributor

Headphones – our newest business venture – (looking for someone who can run our new headphone site)
We now have a supplier for high end headphones. We can get Focal Stellia – Hifi Man headphones – Empire Ears –
I will give my cost to anyone who will do a review on their headphone experience.
Headphones: Sennheiser – Focal – Empire Ears – Camp Audio 64 Audio – Ultimate Ears – Shure – HifiMan
Amplifiers: Questyle – IFI – Chord – Burson – Auris STAX – AudioValve – HeadAmp
Cables Meze – Dan Clark – Kimber Cable – Foster

Air Conditioners – Koldwave – Kwikool – Oceanaire – Global Industrial – Americool – MovinKool

Jump Stilts – Poweriser Air Trekkers 7 League boots – Our site is

Outdoor refrigerators brands – Summerset – RCS – Summit
Pizza ovens and grills we can get – Az Patio Heaters – Cal Flame Bbq – Crown Verity – Everdure – Forno Venetzia – HPC Fire – Mont Alpi -Summerset Grills – Wood Pellet Products – WPPO

Granite Fire Boulders – call for selection
Fontana outdoor showers –
zBean bags chairs – Fibre by Auskin
Electric fireplaces – We are getting dealerships with many companies now. Call for selection.
Wall hanging electric fireplace – Call for selection
Backyard hibachi grills – We just starting selling these. Call for selection
Kamado grills – new and used – call for pricing – We also can get Tiki Huts
Water chillers for pools – Aquacal Tropical and several other brands we are becoming a dealer for.
Organic unpasteurized Almonds and Macadamia nuts – We have a source from a farm in California.
Raw Organic Pistachios – Raw organic pecans and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts – truly raw!
Phone Booths – Office pods – Pillar and other booth brands – Poppin Pod – Narbutas – Vicbooth
Granite Fire Boulders – This is a new product. Selling all at cost till we get our site made
Transom Doors – All at cost till our site is done – We also get Water Chillers from them also – at cost till site is done.
Kamodo Grills – Call for selection on any grill
Kayaks – We now can get almost any Kayak – call for discounts

Commercial Dust Collectors – We have several brands we get at wholesale. Call for discounts

Exam tables – Parkson Style and more. Call for discounts
Automatic Dumping machines – We can get almost any dumper
Air knife blowers – this is another item we can get at wholesale
Hydraulic filter press – Call for prices
Fork Lifts – We get wholesale prices on almost any fork lift
Hoists – If you need a hoist give us a call.
Hospital Beds – Lanco – We can get many brands at wholesale
Durians – We have a connection that has almost every variety
High end telescopes – one of our customers gave us wholesale prices. We sell these now.
Pacojets – if you need a Pacojet give us a call
Parmesean Cheese Wheels – We get wholesale on these too.
Arcade Crane Machines – if you need a crane machine call us for discounts – We have bubble hockey tables too
Inflatable Speed boats – Our customer is a dealer and he has been selling them for 20 years
Above ground emergency shelters – if you need a shelter at a discount call us
In ground trampolines – If you need an inground trampoline, call for discounts
Water chillers for pools – if you need a water chiller for your pool call for discounts
Granite fire boulders – one of our customers lets us have wholesale – call for prices
Barber chairs – If you need a barber chair give us a call for discounts
Gazebos – if you need a gazebo give us a call – one of our customers let us have wholesale
Skee Ball machines – if you need a SkeeBall machine call us for discounts – We can get boxing machines too
Power Wagons – We can get almost any power wagon – Call for powerwagon discount prices
Excavators – One of our customers lets us have wholesale on any excavator – call for prices
Weaving machines – We can get these too now
High end Jewelry Safes – Call for discounts
Commercial Bagging machines – we can get several brands at wholesale – Also Box Taping Machines too
Loom Batch Winders – call for pricing
Fabric Cutting machines – we have several brands we can get

New items we can get:
Inflatable speed boats – Above and underground emergency shelters (Survive a storm)
Theta Chamber – Superior Float Pods – Piezowave2 – HyperT Pro Infrared Sauna – SolaJET DRYWAVE Massage System
CVAC Systems
Japanese Knives – Call to see if we have the brand you want
Venus Laser – Newest lipolaser we carry
Colonic Machines – Call to see if we have the brand you want
Snow Boards – we now have wholesale prices on almost any snow board brand
Scuba equipment – Call to see if we have what you need
Commercial irrigation machines – one of our customers lets us have wholesale on these
High end Cross Bows – Call if you need a crossbow at a discount
Hydroponics – we can get almost any hydroponic brand
Wine Cellars – Call for wine cellar discounts and brands we can get
Commercial Compressors – Call for the compressor brand you want to get
Leveling machines – call for discounts and selection
Hand pans – We have several distributors now for handpans – Call for hand pan discounts
Sifting machines – One of our distributors lets us have wholesale on these
Stethoscopes – Call for our stethoscope discounts
Hospital Incubators – one of our practitioners lets us have wholesale – Call for prices
Commercial X ray machines – We can get many different brands now at wholesale – serious enquires only
Wood Grinders – Call for wood grinder discounts
Optometrist machines -One of our customers lets us have wholesale on nearly everything for optometrists
Hearing testing machines and booths – Call for discounts and selection
Ballistic Shields – Call for discounts
Doosan Products – Call for prices
Grass fed grass finished beef – one of our customers give us wholesale – call to see what we have
Fresh White Truffles – These are expensive but we make them more affordable
Rock Climbing walls – call for discounts and selection
Commercial Yogurt Machines – Spaceman – Taylor
Concrete Machines – Cutting machines and more – call for discounts and selection
Baseball pitching machines – Call for pricing and selection
NOUVAG Equipment – Call for discounts and selection
DACOR Equipment – call for prices – We also have Viking and Wolf Kitchen Appliances and ILVE – Bertazzoni
Kite boards – Call for discounts on any kiteboard brand
Electric Surf Boards – We now offer electric surfboards
Safety Shelters for Tornado and other uses – Call for discounts and prices

Commercial Milk Coolers – We get wholesale from a local restaurant supply distributor
French Door Frigerators – call for discounts
Wine Coolers – Call for wine cooler discount – We also have Beer Dispensors at discounts too
Ice machines – Call if you need prices on ice makers – Manitowoc is our most popular brand
Beverage Centers – call for prices – We also have speed ovens and commercial dish washers too
Patio heaters – we offer a wide selection – We have outdoor kitchen islands too
Outdoor TVs – Furrion – SunBright – Peerless TV – We have above ground pools now too and pellet grills

Chef Bases – Migali – Avantco – Spartan – Garland – True – Universal – We have glass door and walk in freezers too
FRYMASTER – Call for discount pricing – We have commercial griddles too and AMERIVAC Machines
TURBOAIR – We can get Turboair from our restaurant supply distributor at great prices – We have meat slicers too

Paper drills – Form Handling machines – Mail Scanners – Walk through medal detectors – paper folding machines
Commercial Kitchen Equipment:
Electric Steam Kettles – Convection Steamers – Tilt Skillets – Ventless Hoods
For gyms – Commercial Gym Lockers – We can get several brands. Please call for our new brands.

New products we carry:
Geoesic domes – Gun Walls – Mont Alpi products – Binde Design – Fire Tables – America Made Grills – Hydromist – Ambrogio – Aquaglide – Fire Bowls and Pillars – Jacob’s Ladder – RopeFlex – Trueform – Yshield – Crystal Quest

Red shark bike – We also have Schiller S1-C Water Bikes – call for discounts
Home wet bar cabinets

Website design – if you like any of our sites, we design free web sites and we get paid after your site makes money.

Call 1-800-674-5455. Ask for Alan or Jake. We ALWAYS ANSWER OUR PHONES.



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