Pattaya Sauna – Mari Jari Sauna and Spa offers the ultimate relaxation experience.


Pattaya sauna experiences are fast becoming part of everyday life. more and more people in pattaya are looking to partcipate in sauna and wellbeing experiences. The Mari-Jari Sauna in Jomtine, Pattaya, it one of the leading sauna experiences available.

They offer a huge range of options as you can see in the description below. The prices quoted for the sauna and other treatments are correct at the time this video was published. Please check first before visiting if you are looking for a specific treatment.

The entrance fee for the whole day is 300 THB per person.
This cost includes unlimited visits to traditional Russian steam room (Banya), Finnish sauna, Turkish hamam, hot and cool water pools, swimming pool and recreation area, showers and changing rooms. You will get key for individual locker in changing room and personal sauna set (slippers, sauna sheet and small towel).

Their Body Scrub prices are as follows;
Strong scrub with salt and lotion & milk extract – 490 THB
Soft scrub with coconut – 490 THB
Scrub with turmeric – 490 THB
Mari-Jari scrub with coffee & honey – 490 THB

Facial & Body Mask are also available at;
Facial clay mask – 400 THB
Facial aloe mask – 400 THB
Facial seaweed mask – 400 THB
Body clay mask – 850 THB

Aqua Massages & Showers include;
Charcot shower – 300 THB
Hydro massage – 650 THB
Hydro massage 10 times – 5,500 THB

Don’t forget about the Massages!
Aroma oil massage – 1 hour/490 THB and 2 hour/900 THB
Oil herbal ball massage – 1.5 hour/1,450 THB
Thai massage – 1 hour/490 THB and 2 hour/900 THB
Thai herbal ball massage – 1.5 hour/1,400 THB
Mari-Jari body treatment – 1 hour/490 THB – 2 hour/900 THB
Anti-cellulite massage with wrap – 1 hour/1,150 THB
After sun – 1 hour/800 THB
Facial spa (Face cleansing, mask and face massage) – 1 hour/800 THB
Foot spa (Foot cleansing , scrub and foot massage) – 1.5 hour/800 THB

Here’s Mari-Jari’s Special Spa packages
Mari-Jari special – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Marine experience – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Green tea detoxification – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Tension & stress relief – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Slim body – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Deluxe foot spa – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Princess spa – 2 hour/1,190 THB
Perfect skin – 2 hour/1,190 THB

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