Selling Fitness and Wellness Services on Instagram (ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT ON IG)


Fitness- en wellnessdiensten verkopen op Instagram (Trek uw ideale klant aan op IG) 3 sleutels 🔑🔑🔑 naar meer volgers en kopers – Gratis training: 📲 Download de GRATIS Instagram™-strategiegids: https:/ / 3️⃣ meer video’s om gesprekken met je ideale volgers op gang te brengen: #1 Instagram Stories-tip voor betere betrokkenheid (IG-ondertitels en bijschriften) #2 Instagram Community Tips (SUE B.’S ORGANISCHE GROEI HACKS VOOR JE BIZ-ACCOUNT) #3 Betrokken bij je Instagram Business-account (WAT ELKE DAG TE DOEN VOOR IG GROEI ) Liever lezen? Hier is een link naar de blog: WILT U MEER? ⬇️ JE KUNT MIJ HIER VINDEN Mijn Website: Mijn Instagram-cursus voor beginners: 📲 Instagram: Facebook: https:// Twitter: LinkedIn:


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    I recommend you check out his YouTube out and give the doc a like! 👉 #DrEthanTips

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  3. Thanks Sue! I just luckily happened to stumble upon you on Instagram! I am currently in the process of taking a couple Certifications in pursuit of becoming a Health and Wellness Coach, so I am VERY "green" at this kind of stuff. This was super helpful and I'm excited to watch more of your videos!

  4. I used a question asking for 1 positive takeaway from 2020. A few replies that led to 3 or 4 back and forth comments. I’ll be re-watching quite a few of your videos over the holidays.

  5. I'm still so new to all of this that I learned several things watching this one video. The two best ideas for me were, asking simple questions, and the DM idea, (and how it shows the person exactly what point in their video got your attention-how cool is that?!). Thank you!

  6. Thank you! My instagram is CindyLuisi. I am a wellness professional and I also manage the content for RollingStrongWellness. Sending love- you are awesome!

  7. Love this Sue B.! I'm definitely going to use the "DM Me" sticker – I almost forgot about that one! Will be adding those CTA's about working out YAY or NAY for sure! Great tips- thank you!

  8. Love this video Sue! Health and Wellness professionals are my ideal clients and who I want to help in their business. I loved all of your information. Sounds like Instagram is definitely a good place for me to be. @terrytranscription

  9. Sue, you are the master of CTAs, it truly is about building relationships and not being pushy/sales-y. I love your CTA of asking people if they are working out today, simple question that provokes engagement and maybe even some inspo to get my followers to move today. Will definitely be using this one. Great video and love the fabulous accounts you featured. ❤️

  10. I love the questions sticker. The other day I asked what their favorite yoga pose was and least favorite and I had great DM conversations with each one after. It’s so helpful for me to be able to know what my clients are going through so that I can educate them better on Instagram and in classes!

  11. Good Morning! 🌞. Thanks for the great tip 👍🏻

    Have an amazing 🙂 🌞 day!! I will be looking at the Pro info hopefully tonight I didn’t forget. ✅. @stefology101

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