The Sims 4 Let's Build – Wellness Center – Finale


Het wellnesscentrum laten we bouwen is nu voorbij! Ik hoop dat je het leuk vond! Welke serie laten we bouwen, zou je willen dat ik de volgende keer doe? Mijn sociale mediasites: Bekijk mijn Instagram voor persoonlijke (reis)foto’s: Bekijk mijn Twitter voor basisupdates/gesprekken en discussies over de Sims en andere dingen die in de wereld gebeuren: https: // Bekijk mijn Facebook-pagina voor basisuploadupdates en previews van huizen. Mail me: TDsims3master (@) hotmail . com Intro lied: Kontinuum – Aware from NCS: Kontinuum: ▽ Volg Kontinuum SoundCloud Facebook /itsKontinuum Twitter


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23 gedachten over “The Sims 4 Let's Build – Wellness Center – Finale”

  1. i love this build but it is not logical to build a restaurant above a place to relax…. i think it would be to noisy and people would have to walk through the massage room. you didnt think that one through?

  2. Oh and about the next Let's Build series, perhaps you can take a look at the families people made on the Gallery, and imagine a house/apartment according to how you think these sims would like their house/apartment to be!

  3. I am Chinese and yes! I have seen pandas! The thing is you cannot watch them closely, and they are not moving around very often. I hope you don't get disappointed if they are just laying around when you visit. LOL But they are truly adorable!

  4. Please please don't support zoos…. animals are not meant to live in captivity like that. A lot of animals get depressed having to live in a zoo 🙁

  5. I'm very glad you finished this build! I was the second person who started rebuilding this for you but you told me someone else was already doing it. The other persom did a great job replicating your work! It turned out very great and you are very talented! 🙂

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