This ASMR Spa WILL Give You Tingles | Ultimate Relaxation & Pampering | Haircut, Facial


Welkom in onze buitenspa! Gelegen direct aan het water met prachtige bergen achter ons, je zult de beste tijd hebben, dat beloof ik! Laat je wegzinken in de tintelingen 🙂 (Je zult de clickbait-titel snel begrijpen, mijn vrienden. Niet vandaag, maar binnenkort. … Succes Maaz!) Je zult genieten van een lekker ontspannen check-in, een knipbeurt op spa-niveau, en een rustgevende hydraterende gezichtsbehandeling ^_^ Slaap lekker!! Hartelijk dank aan Lauren voor het schrijven van de geleide meditatie voor mij!!! 🙂 ~Gibi NIEUW ASMR SHORTS-kanaal! Abonneer 🙂 🎵Elke vrijdag nieuwe Spotify-tracks! En Apple Music! AAAND Soundcloud! —————————————– ———————————————— Mijn upload schema: ►ASMR YouTube-video elke dinsdag ►ASMR YouTube-video elke donderdag ►Nieuwe Spotify-audio elke vrijdag ►Gesponsorde ASMR-video elke zaterdag ———————— ————————————————– —————- Ik doneer regelmatig aan The Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation. Ik raad het ten sterkste aan! Ze geven subsidies aan wetenschappers die onderzoeken doen om psychische aandoeningen beter te begrijpen en te behandelen. ( —————————————- ————————————————– Vind mij op internet! ►TWITCH/LIVESTREAMING (niet ASMR!) ►TWITTER: ►INSTAGRAM: ►MERCH /SHOP: IN AANBOUW ►TWEEDE KANAAL: ——————————– ————————————————– ——– OUTRO door 🙂 Deze video is bewerkt door Shawn, mijn fulltime editor! Geef hem wat liefde:


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29 gedachten over “This ASMR Spa WILL Give You Tingles | Ultimate Relaxation & Pampering | Haircut, Facial”

  1. Not sure if anyone’s done this yet, but I’ve got a few time stamps for everyone if nobody has! 🙂
    0:00 — Check-In
    (Soft speaking, birds chirping in background, and some tapping, keyboard clicking, and writing sounds)

    5:44 — Haircut
    (Whispering, occasional bird chirps, tapping on various objects, hair combing, spray bottle, scissor noises)

    14:33 — Setting Up Scalp Massage
    (Whispering, Typing)

    16:00 — Scalp Massage & Guided Meditation
    (Soft speaking, rubbing noises, a ton of sounds I can’t place for certain but that are very tingly)

    20:23 — Facial
    (Soft speaking, face-touching & similar visual triggers, spray bottle, lid noises, hand noises [rubbing together], tapping)

  2. I've been working so much lately and all I've been wanting is to get a pedicure. I hardly ever treat myself, but it just sounds nice to do for once in a year. Hopefully I can at some point! 🥰

  3. Her:You have very thick hair. It’s so beautiful
    Me: has to wrestle my hair in the morning to brush it because it’s so thick and it’s actually messed up right now why thank you, a lot of people say that after I take a straightening iron to it!

  4. Did you know that Gibi made this specifically for the Amaazing and if you don’t know who that is he is one of my favourite animators.


  6. Gibi: do you want to take off your glasses?
    Me: oh I’m blind now okay
    Gibi: I can’t see your eyes
    Me: oh! Sunglasses! I can see in this world apparently, not complaining 🙂

    Also it’s weird to think that most people can wake up and like, actually see

  7. I don't have much to say but this is one of the few videos that actually put me to sleep because this is the 2nd night in a row that I have fallen asleep to this and woke up to find my phone on the floor.

  8. Coming back to this video, I remember when I wasn’t able to sleep at night. So when I saw asmr, I immediately fall asleep each night. Thank you so much for everything Gibi, you were my first asmrtist I watched.

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