Tour of 1940s Vintage Finnish Sauna


Hedonisme is de tweede naam van de Sauna. Maak in een paar minuten kennis met het reilen en zeilen van een Finse sauna in oude stijl.


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36 gedachten over “Tour of 1940s Vintage Finnish Sauna”

  1. The best thing about Northern Europe is summer houses and saunas. Ah sounds amazing. My dream is to retire and be a fisherman in Norway once I get out of the army and live a simple life.

  2. All I can say is that it is a good thing you didn't entitle this video "getting steamy hot and naked with Pop" as it would have almost certainly resulted in more than the 200 views and much misunderstanding.

  3. Interesting, and cool view of the sea. I never liked Saunas. Somehow this hot atmosphere is not appealing to me, like to so many others, but….??? Funny to see, how these small, private ones are made / build and operated though…….From the safe "YT" distance of the Baltic sea, a few country borders and the like. :o) Nice day, in Finland this time, again.

  4. I was schooled in the art of sauna at my late wife's family farm in Michigan's Copper Country, which was carved out of the Upper Peninsula forest back around 1900 by one set of her Finnish grandparents. The sauna building, insulated with sawdust, only had two rooms, though, with the bathing taking place in the sauna proper – there was a welded plate-steel home-built combined stove & water heating system that was installed at some point over the years. On the outside wall of my current sauna, I have the same carved wooden sauna scene I can see partially on the left in the changing room, lol, though mine isn't varnished. When my wife visited Finland with her mother, she stayed one place on the coast where the sauna building had both steam and smoke saunas.

  5. Yep, this particular sauna is kinda luxurous, because it has water right there! Last time i was in one of these i had alot of work carrying all the water from the well 🙂 these kind of saunas are very bushcrafty- require some enjoyable hard work, but the reward is great! ( Especially if you got cold beer afterward)

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