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Hey, Charleston, Lexa here. 👋 I’m constantly seeking out ways to get in some more “me time” — to recharge my battery by leaving the hustle and bustle behind. I know I’m not alone.

That’s why I was so excited to snag a day pass to Synchronicity, a health and wellness center in Mount Pleasant that focuses on resetting the mind and body. Rest assured, this is the place to be for some well-deserved R+R.

What we tried:

Synchronicity’s goal is to promote mental wellbeing through physical experiences, nutrition programs, and community-based challenges. I tapped into some physical experiences with six wellness stations. Each station is curated to specific goals — luckily, I got to experience a little bit of everything:

Cryotherapy: To energize + decrease pain and inflammationInfrared sauna: To detox + decrease muscle and joint tensionNormatec compression: To increase circulation + decrease pain and inflammationMassage chairs: To improve sleep + decrease stress and anxiety Salt chamber: To relieve sinus + allergy symptoms and improve psoriasis and eczemaCold plunge: To revitalize body and mind + decrease systemic inflammation

The gorgeous setup of the cold plunge made for a very enjoyable experience.

What not to miss:

While I was a bit apprehensive at first, the cold plunge, meant to target inflammation and reset the body, was an awesome experience that couldn’t have come at a better time after a few tough workouts during the week.

The water was 38° and I was asked if I wanted to walk through some breathwork with the staff (thanks, Joni) beforehand, which changed the game for me. I lasted a whole two minutes and felt almost euphoric afterwards. My body was incredibly relaxed, with little to no stiffness, tightness, or pain, and my mind was open, clear, and energized. 👊

CHS-Synchronicity Try This - 10.31.22.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to get a little movement in this bright + airy room? Check the online schedule for upcoming classes and events.

What we’re still talking about:

How recharged I felt after just three hours at Synchronicity. Enough said.

The staff was incredibly supportive and checked in with me at every station. I was apprehensive about walking into a chamber of cold air kept at -166° for cryotherapy, but I walked out feeling alert + excited to head to the next station: The massage chairs.

You think you’ve had a solid experience in a massage chair before until you head to the Meditation Zone at Synchronicity. To set the scene: The room was dimly-lit and featured a television with ASMR-like photos + sounds that slipped me into a relaxed, meditative state. The calming atmosphere nearly put me to sleep, but still kept me present in the moment. Two words: Absolutely spectacular.

Overall, the facility was one of the most stunning + tranquil places I have ever been, and the amenities surpassed all expectations.

CHS-Synchronicity Try This - 10.31.22 3.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to get a little movement in this bright + airy room? Check the online schedule for upcoming classes and events.

How you can experience this:

The center is open Monday-Saturday, so there’s plenty of time to pencil a visit into your busy schedule. Take an early lunch, prep your work the night before, do whatever you need to do to carve out some personal time — trust me, it’s worth it.

Check out pricing for a single day pass, packages, and memberships (or get a free day pass for your first visit). 👀

Things to know if you go:

Experience: Synchronicity wellness amenities Price: Varies Website: thesynclife.comAddress: 1513 Mathis Ferry Rd., Mt. PleasantHours: Hours vary

Social: Facebook | Instagram *



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