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In mei 2017 heb ik een vlog opgenomen met de titel ‘Letting Go of the Number’. In die vlog vertelde ik hoe ik had besloten om mijn voor altijd en altijd perfecte streefgewicht op te geven na een lang plateau op een hoger aantal. Maar nu, twee en een half jaar later, ben ik op dat eerste streefgewicht, terwijl ik MEER voedsel eet. Wat verschoof? Het antwoord: ik begon te sauna. Saunagebruik is een wonderoefening die me moeiteloos langs mijn afslankplateau heeft gebracht. In de vlog van deze week zal ik in detail de talloze voordelen van saunagebruik uitleggen (en we zullen zelfs een excursie maken in mijn huis, naar mijn sauna). Geloof me, deze extra lange vlog boordevol wetenschap is er een die je niet wilt missen. DE VOORDELEN VAN DE SAUNA VAN ARI WHITTEN ARTIKEL: https://ble.life/3xhn LEES MEER OVER SUNLIGHTEN SAUNAS: https://ble.life/0frq VOOR DEZE VIDEO BLOG en MEER: https://ble.life/w6uq


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  1. So, it seems SPT keeps bouncing back and forth between the theories of goal weight and being happy where your body lands. From the science in this video, clearly there is science about various reasons why your body might stop losing weight, before you arrive at your best weight. (Or call it goal weight, or ideal weight, or right side body, but let’s face it. It’s just the weight you want, and your body stopped before you reached it)
    But then just YESTERDAY we are back to saying sometimes your body stops before you expected, and that’s just your “bright body side that your body chose”… SPT even interviewed and gave a scholarship to someone who stopped losing 25-30 lbs above her goal weight because “that’s what her body decided.” Where’s the science in that??? None. Susan why did you sell out and join the “fat healthy” camp??? A healthy weight is NOT whatever weight you feel nice and can “move” at. The SCIENCE says that your disease chances are far, far lower when you are at a HEALTHY thin weight. Not a surrendered plateaued fluffy weight. When a person plateaus before they arrive at a HEALTHY weight there are reasons. They need to detox. They need to eat more fresh food. They need to lay off the wheat or dairy or animal products. We’ve seen this over and over again. It’s inflammation, it’s toxicity, it’s a sluggish lymph. We need to be educating to the next level and teaching about alkalinity, living enzymes, detox and other things to drop weight AFTER the body “decides” to stop. Get the lymph moving. Heal the gut. And SWEAT IN A SAUNA!! Let’s get back to the evidence and stop selling out to the “happy fat” crowd. Thank you!

  2. Dude. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for the boot camp and Bright Lifers, but I think it totaled under $1,000. Seemed like a huge leap to jump in there at the time but MAN! This woman just KEEPS ON GIVING LIFE SAVING information! The generosity of her spirit and her mind!! Ayyyye!!! If someone told you that investment could literally save your LIFE, wouldn’t you think that was beyond a great deal?? Once again, Susan delivers incredible, life changing, life SAVING information more and more over time. I am so grateful to be part of this community.
    I am making plans already to work up to getting one of these. (I totally don’t work for BLE, BTW!). Thank you so much Susan. Questions:
    1. Does a jacuzzi provide similar benefits?
    2. I have been experiencing a ton of inflammation according to my doctor. My whole body feels restless, but it’s not Restless Leg Syndrome. It started just before starting BLE, but I was already losing weight then. Could this be due to toxins being released?

  3. Hi SPT I recently purchased a sauna blanket from Amazon to help me get away from the plateau. My weight loss slowed down even though my lines are perfectly bright. I started fitness training in April. ( Do have a slow metabolism per the doctor). I'm losing inches, gaining muscle but losing fat. Nothing is showing up on the scale. I hope the sauna blanket does the trick for me. I absolutely love BLE and the science! Thank you! 🌺

  4. I wish I had a stupid brain so I could fool it.🤣 Besides, I love sauna!❤ We have two saunas at the gym, but right now due to Covid-19 onlya couple of people are aloud inside one of them. Brilliant your videos! Got addicted!😁🤪 Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪! P.S. I am the kind of person who sweats a lot naturally!🇧🇷

  5. Finally had my first session in my very own sauna! ZEN. I got a Sunlighten, easy to order (no interest for 2 years), it shipped in perfect condition AND my husband and son looked like heroes setting it up. Thank you Susan.

  6. I worked nights for YEARS, and while trying to lose weight, my body shut down… Hit a point that it assumed I should be HIBERNATING. Body temp recorded at doc office at 95deg F. I am STILL trying to get my body metabolism back to normal-ish. I stopped trying to lose weight… And weight shot up past 250#… Now trying to eat clean, avoiding flour and cutting sugar… Trying on my own. But I am starting to notice when I eat, my body gets more…antsy & warm. Finally starting to burn some calories! Still working on trying to stay up the full day on my days off. At work I have to keep busy… At home, alone, I am up 4 hrs…sleep 4 hrs…up 4 hours…sleep 4 or 8? Hours,etc. 😒 but this past 2 weekends… I only took ONE NAP. 😊

  7. Hi Susan, I and My best friend purchased the Sunlighten Sauna and have had the worst customer service!!! I am so extremely frustrated. No one will return my calls. I know they are used to very rich customers and influencers. For me this was an extravagant purchase and am ready to have it returned. Do you know anyone in the company that cares about customer service. Any help would be appreciated. Laurie

  8. I’m frustrated how you say “ your not really doing the program if your not in couching and boot camps”. Some people can’t afford any of the boot camps, couching and etc. I’m back to my bright lines, but I just read the book and watch the Vlogs as use the app. I dint really think you should have to pay $$$ a year to be able to do the plan and get results. However, I’m so thankful to you and the program. I lost 55lb 2 years ago but last years I gain it back and now I’m determined to work the plan fully this year and finally put in my full effort to my health. This has really helped me eat more veggies and better eating. And it’s wonderful!!

  9. My dermatologist told me that infrared rays damage your skin and organs and NOT to get this sauna. He said the old traditional steam saunas are fine but NOT Infrared! Please let me know if you would like to discuss this with him directly. He has the medical research. The most important thing is that we help and not hurt each other. Love only!

  10. Just bought a portable Far-Infrared-Sauna-Blanket with 3 zones. Everything that reduces stress and aches is good. Looking forward to use it every day.

  11. I felt there is something I am no comprehending, since if there is a plateau, then the food intake is more than it should be, and i think that would depend on many things

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